Workplace Research

Understanding the needs and preferences of the users and shaping the design to meet those criteria are key to creating a truly tailored working environment.

Shape™ by The Office Interior Project Group® is a collection of research tools created to enable organisations to gather the data critical to the success of their space.

From questionnaires to workshops, surveys to reports, the Shape™ suite of services can be relied upon to deliver the level of insight required.

Whether you are beginning to plan an office relocation, refurbishment or relocation project, or you are simply keen to engage with your people to better understand their views on your current workspace, Shape™ by The Office Interior Project Group® will help you get the details that you need.

Following the completion of your Shape™ research phase, we will transition seamlessly into a design phase should you wish us to. Alternatively, we can deliver a standalone Shape™ project.

Contact us now to discuss your workspace research requirements. We will take time to understand the drivers of your project and to ensure that the process delivers the information which you require.

Please get in touch via the website or email our Business Administration Team at bat @

Click on the image above to take our current Shape™ Workplace User Survey.

Shape™ workplace research by The Office Interior Project Group®
Shape™ office space surveys by The Office Interior Project Group®
Shape™ workplace user insights by The Office Interior Project Group®